Saint or Sinner follow up

So yeah,  I sent the link to “her.”  I was going to make it like a normal post but I wanted to get it out to you guys to read and I’ve been procrastinating so here’s the story told as basically and as accurately as it gets:

Me:  Would you say you’re someone with a sense of humor or do you get angry easily?

Her:  Lol o lord why?

Me:  Basically, can you take a joke?

Her:  Yup


Her:  Lol what the hell is that

Me:  Read it when you get a chance.

Her:  Lol i read it i liked it but what is it for im confused lol

Me:  You read the sinner or saint post?

Her:  Yea i skimmed it lol

Me:  You should show it to a bunch of your friends and tell me what they think about it.  It’s my blog.

Her:  Lol ok so wait you did kno it was me at first

Her:  Didn’t*

Me:  That must have been a hell of a skim

Her:  Lol it was !

Her:  Im so confused damn it lol im a blonde

Me:  How old are you?

Omg whyyy?  Are u gonna blog about it lls jk im 25

Me:  Just curious.

Me:  You seriously should actually read that post.

Her:  Your askin me alot of questions is this my t or an imposter ?lol

Me:  Imposter

Her:  Great just great

Her:  So who am i talkin to

Me:  Just a random wrong number

Me:  Nice to actually meet you.

Her:  Lol name please

Me:  Actually I don’t know your name.  For a while I wasn’t sure if you were t or if you were calling me t.

Me:  Anyway, I just wanted to show you the post.  Nothing malicious intended.  it was nice talking to you.  Have a nice life.

Her:  Lol its all good i had a nice laugh

Me:  Good.  I hoped you would.

When I told some of my friends about the conversation they pointed out a very important fact I missed:  Did she end up going over there?  Did “t” get the bootie call?  It was too late to text her again that night so I waited impatiently until lunchtime the next day…

Me:  I’m sorry to bother you again.  I just had one question I was hoping you would answer for me.  My readers would love to know if you went to t’s house that night.

Her:  Lmao t is my best friend and some how ur # is linked to her facebook page in my phone ..but to spice it up yes i went nd it was great

Me:  Sweet!



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