Blinkers: Use them. (Guest rant by Ducky!)

Hokay, so. Here is the deal.


Here’s why:

No matter what I tell my kids, I’m not fucking telepathic.

that would be pretty sweet though right?

I cannot read your mind. When I am driving along in my lane and going… well let’s be honest 75-ish, and you decide to jump into my lane unannounced:  I did not see that coming. Wanna know why? Because you didn’t use your fucking blinker. That’s why.

When I merge or turn I go through a process:

Step 1: check all mirrors (this is important so you don’t crash into someone)


Step2: PUT ON MY BLINKER (this is also important so that others know you’re coming into their lane or turning)

it's right there!

Step 3: check mirrors while merging/turning (this is the completion of the task)

just like that.

See how easy that is? It’s only three steps. Just three simple steps right? But, unfortunately, some people think that they “don’t need to use them because (insert excuse here)” excuses range from: “I slowed down before I turned” to: “I turned the nose of my car” to even this sad excuse: “They knew what I was going to do.”  Really folks? No. They didn’t.  I’ll tell you how I know, because I am a driver and I can tell you I don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

I have an anecdote.

So this morning I drove my cousin’s kids to school. It was fun, it’s a pretty drive and the kids are freaking adorable. However, about halfway through the drive on a windy effing road the car in front of me decides to slow down… way down. Like the ten under the speed limit kind of way down. I was really confused. In my head (because there were kids in the car) I was screaming at this person. “What the fuck are you doing!? Why are you going so slow!! At least go the speed limit. Come on man! Wait… what? What the fuck? Are you turning? Fuckin’ hell you’re TURNING?! Use your BLINKER!”

that's my flash back me.

All of that confusion and anger and trying to contain myself in front of children could have been totally avoided by that person moving their finger… I dunno, two inches? Yeah, about two inches to the left and down. That’s it. Anger, accidents, and confusion? Solved! Move your finger two inches to the left and put on your blinker.

or else Clive Owen will kick your ass.

Now, this was supposed to be the end, however… Iiiii have something else to say and it is: use your blinkers CORRECTLY.

By correctly I mean turn it off after you have merged or turned. It’s fucking confusing.



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