As promised: Visits to my site stats.

First I’ll put up the picture of the stats, then I’ll explain it.

Check out those sweet-ass MSPaint skills! You Jelly?

Ok but I can’t figure out how to make the picture bigger…


If you look real freaking closely at the picture you’ll notice that I highlighted a few important days, and scratched out the less important bits…

Ok.  I just figured out that if you click on the picture, it shows up full screen size.  So after reading what everything means, do that.

Where was I?

Dr. Horrible

Right. Freeze Ray.

Ok so first things first.  You’ll notice what I used to highlight the important bits (Pretend those bits I scratched out don’t exist.):

A red arrow, a lightning bolt and a motherfucking ninja star.    Here’s what they’re about:

The red arrow points out may 27th -the day I published “Before I take a shower…”  This is the first time that a “fuck yea” picture appeared in my blog.

But obviously not the last.

Now the 27th was a Friday, and as you can see, the next few day’s aren’t much of a big deal.  Before June first, I couldn’t even get 50 hits in one day.  Then Bam! Wednesday… 197 views.  Then Thursday: 248.  Friday: 188.  Saturday:  209.

Lightning bolt!  Saturday I wrote “Visits to my site” because I had begun to notice a trend.

Now I know I’m no Maddox or Tucker Max, but I do know this:  The jump in views made me all wibbily wobbly timey wimey inside.

My Doctor is the 10th Doctor.

…Whatever, fuck you guys.  Just keep reading.

Anyway, then Sunday hits:  76 views.

Motherfucking Ninja Star… oh wait, 76?  That shit doesn’t deserve my sweet ninja star.  Fuck it, I already saved it to the picture and undo wont work anymore.  I added the post “Visit’s to my site… update” which seemed like a good idea at the time.  I get one or two hits because of RWJ, but not much else.

I keep getting distracted by all of these sweet images I put into the stats pic… So, 76 views… that sucks.  Monday: 51.  Tuesday: 77.  My head, which was having trouble fitting through the door on Saturday, was now small enough to get through that Willy Wonka door.  That dose of reality was good for me.  Besides,  lets be realistic:  I’ve got less than 3,000 total views EVER.  Not a big deal on the interwebs.  Believe me, I’ve looked into it.

I piss on your 3000 views.

Ah well, there goes my short lived claim to fame. It’s Wednesday, I suppose I’ll check my sta… 192?  I’m back baby!  June 8th officially rules.  It can’t possibly get better than this… Thursday:  250!  Highest amount of views yet!  I know it’s not much, but it’s the best I can do.  (Thanks Elton.)

You're welcome fucker!

After Wednesday, my daily views haven’t dropped below 166, which is awesome.  Hopefully you guys are reading this stuff, but something tells me you’re not.  That something is the fact that 98% (Actually a made up statistic that accurately describes what is actually happening.  Actually.) of the visits were from people searching the words “fuck yea” or a strange combination of letters, numbers and punctuation that comes close to “fuck yea.”

Close enough.

Basically, even though this test happened and there was an increase in my Sunday/Monday/Tuesday traffic –Apparently, it was just an increase in people searching for “fuck yea.”

Either way, I’m glad my traffic is increasing and hopefully it’s because you fuckers like what you see.  Keep reading!

Also, the header was an accident, but I went with it.  Enjoy!


One response to “As promised: Visits to my site stats.

  1. Yea… Well called. I am here for Fuck Yea, but I do like what I see.

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