Visits to my site… update

So those were the most searched for things for yesterday only.  Annoying.  Ok so I’m going to periodically  update this page with top searches.  That should fox em!  Frankie baby, we’re made!  (+1000000 internets if you get this reference)

first things first:

facebook.  I don’t know why people still search for this.  Just type it into the address bar with a .com at the end.  Figure it out people.

I've had a facebook since before myspace so... my facebook is probably a little bit better than yours so...

youtube.  Seriously?  I’m just saying.  Address bar.  That thing up there at the top.  pay attention to it.  In fact, how do you get to google?  Is it typing google into the address bar?  how do you think you get to the others? Anyway, youtube.

me tube?

I suggest Ray William Johnson if you’re going to go here.  That guy knows what’s going on.

What's up forum?

twitter.  I have to say.  I made one of these but I have no idea how to use it.  It’s just sitting there floating around, not getting used.  Whatever twitter.

Following people is about the only easy thing to do. Creepy-ass stalker community.

4chan.  This isn’t on the list but fuck it.  I’m showing some love to my /b/tards.  What the fuck is up anon?

Expect us.

Ok, enough of that.  I’ll post some more stuff later.

After  I see what happens with these.

This is a social experiment people!  Not just shameless self promotion!


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