Visits to my site

Since I wrote “Before I take a shower…”  my site visits have quadrupled.  I’m averaging around 200 visits a day.  While that may not seem like much, it’s more than the 38 per day I was used to.  What had I done to make this rise in traffic?  Luckily for me WordPress lets you see what people searched for to get to your site.

So what’s the difference?

this picture

That’s it.  This picture is what everyone is searching for.  This is why my site has so many hits.

This one. Right here.

Can you believe it?  All I have to do is put this picture on my page and visits shoot through the roof.  It made me think, what else can I put on my page to make people come visit?

So here is my experiment:  I went to google and searched the most searched for things on google.  I’m going to put them into this post.  Then I’ll wait and see what happens.

Ok the top 5 searched for things today:

1.  jackie evancho

Who is this?  Apparently lots of people know who she is.  I don’t.  Ok.  I just did the bare minimum of work to research this chick.  Apparently shes 10.  And she sings.  That’s it.

Look at her. She doesn't get it either.

2.  rhapsody

Let me guess... another something about music?

Coming in at number 2 we have Rhapsody.  I’m guessing it’s so popular right now because of the Android App.  Also, what the fuck is an Android App?  Boo.  Next.

3.  michaels

I’m guessing that this one has something to do with the crafts store?  I don’t know.  When I clicked on images here is the first one that showed up:

I'm old and rich! Date me please! I'll put you on t.v.

I’m not sure why this is the first image to show up, but could they have chosen a worse picture of the dude from Poison?  It’s ok though, about 5 pictures in I found this one:


4.  Belmont Stakes 2011


Something about horses?  Whatever, let’s check out another picture from the michaels images:

One of us would do terrible things to the other one but I'm not sure which one it would be.

5.  marie antoinette

Seriously?  This chick has been dead for hundreds of years and she’s still number five?  I don ‘t understa…


I see.  Apparently the marie antoinette I know is a freaking hottie.  Not bad for a dead chick.
And that’s it.  Thats the top 5 most searched for things on google.  I’ll let you know if it changes how many hits the site gets.

Is this cheating?



3 responses to “Visits to my site

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