Today I don’t feel like doing anything (Guest rant by my sister)

*Edit:  My sister now has her own blog so if you liked this post, go check it out.  It’s called:  I write about anything.*


You know how you feel really tired after spending the night over someone’s house and you don’t want to do anything?

He's got the right idea.

Parents have this sensor that lets them know when you’re really tired and want peace and quiet.


They automatically start whistling or have the TV on loud. After they know you’re good and annoyed guess what your parents do:  They start giving you chores. (Seriously parents let your kids sleep)

We love you Ms. Hannigan.

Not only are you annoyed and tired, you now have a whole list of chores you have to do because you live under their roof. (Ugh rules) You have the list of chores but you really want to sleep so what do you? You half ass it hoping it will pass so you can get the much deserved nap. (Not gonna happen)

AHHHH Never Ending

After the inspection you probably will have to go back and work more to meet the parents’ expectations. So this time around you do a good job and you know that you’ll pass inspection.  Some of you are probably wondering why you wouldn’t just do a good job in the first place. Well my answer is BECAUSE IM TIRED end of story.

Captain Half-Ass is my hero

Once you realize you can take a nap you feel like a champion. You would be jumping up and down but then again you’re tired. You go upstairs or downstairs wherever your bed is and get in. Basking in the sweet sweet triumph you close your eyes and go to sleep.

Stewie knows what I'm talkin about


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